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Sometimes as a stay at home mom, author, artist and substitute teacher, I need a little break-away random inspiration. My children...

Winter Projects and My Little Fish

My newest venture in writing consists of short stories for children through Kindle Vella. I can't wait to share more with you!


Thankful to Catch up with an Author Friend! Find out about his inspirational Children’s book here and my new FREE swim book offer!

The Book Signing

Freebie Giveaway! You may listen to this book on my YouTube channel for free: I hope you’ll subscribe & follow!

Hot and Steamy!

If you want to see your kid crack up, pop your head into the tub by them and blow some bubbles! Exhaling underwater is an important skill!

Does my baby HATE the water?

My first four children were practically little fish, loving everything and anything to do with the water. Now I have a baby who seems to...

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