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Hot and Steamy!

Updated: May 1, 2022

It's still winter and it's frigid outside (frigid to me is anything under 32°). My son has a friend who swims in an outdoor pool here in North Georgia and his mom brings him hot cocoa after his practices. BRRRR!!! For now, I enjoy steaming up the bathroom with a shower I run before my baby girl gets her bath. She still cries out when water is poured over her head, but she loves her time in the tub and now we are working on blowing bubbles.

If you want to see your kid crack up, just pop your head right into the tub by them and blow some bubbles! Exhaling underwater is an important skill. Sometimes she takes a large gulp instead of blowing outward and she definitely isn't a fan of we'll keep working on it. It helps if you show a young child how to hold their breath by taking an exaggerated inhale and puffing out your cheeks. You can show them how to blow out above the water and make your lips flap (like when giving a zerbert). Then, plunk your face right into the water and teach them how to blow bubbles like a little motorboat. This is a solid fundamental building block that will help your child adjust as he or she starts swim lessons.

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