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Updated: Jan 30

As a writer, I love writing things down anywhere, anytime, anyway available! I've been packing up my Halloween decor and replacing all but the pumpkins with Thanksgiving things. When I came across the family Thankful Journal, I admit my momentum slowed as I reviewed years past of Thankful blessings we'd written in it at various Thanksgivings. New babies, family, health, safe travels are some to name a few, and of course the kids had written things like deer, bunnies and sweet potatoes!

This year we are once again thankful for a new baby that will join our family in March and a new boy cousin too!

I'm thankful for friends, old and new and an opportunity I had recently to reconnect with my author friend Matt Hawkins. He recently wrote an inspirational Children’s book entitled "Dear Future, I can be Anything that I Dream to be". My girls were excited that he signed it for them and especially enjoy the whimsical take on being a farmer who can "dress her cows in satin"!

Maybe you would also enjoy this book or need a gift idea for a young dreamer! Here is the link:

Also, I've written another swim book for the more advanced swimmers and it is offered for a limited time for only $0.99! Or FREE on Kindle Unlimited. Here is the link to Effective Swim Games:

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