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The Book Signing

Updated: Feb 11

This weekend I had a book signing for “How to Swim Like a Mermaid”. The YMCA had Healthy Kids Day and invited me to sign books. The three hour event was fun and productive. I loved meeting so many people and showing the kids my watercolor illustrations! Several boy parents even bought the book since the swim games throughout will help their children become stronger swimmers.

I’ve been a writer for years and now that I’m putting myself out there a bit more, I’ve discovered that I have lots of friends that love to write as well!


If you are an author, here are a few book signing tips that work well for me: prepare a few weeks in advance and create book markers with your website or a QR code on them. Create an 18x24 poster that has a little bit of your bio and says “Meet the Author” at the top. I used the free Canva program for my designs!


You'll need to bring a box of several books to sign (boxes work well because you may need to place this on the floor or even dewey grass like in my case), several pens (sign a few ahead of time to see if a sharpie bleeds through and if other pens work best), book markers with your contact info, a Tupperware to hold book markers in case of wind, your poster, table, tablecloth, portable easel for poster, clips to hold the poster to the easel and string to tie the easel to your tent or a pole in case of wind, a tailgate tent if outside, chair, water, a few snacks for you, mints or candy bowl for visitors, clipboard with a sheet to sign up for your email list, cash for change, Venmo and PayPal etc. Contact info (your "handle") printed on a sheet for easy payments, maybe even a square credit card reader, tape, a small easel for your book on the table, and a small sign that says something to the effect of: “I will be back shortly” for restroom breaks.

Remember to engage with your audience and smile!

Here is a link to "How to Swim Like a Mermaid", the book I recently signed.


You may listen to this book on my YouTube channel for free:

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