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Winter Projects and My Little Fish

Have you heard of Kindle Vella? My newest venture in writing consists of short stories for children through this platform. I can't wait to share more with you!

I'm reading a few different books right now. My book club just finished Pachinko which kept my attention and opened my mind to a few aspects of the Korean and Japanese culture.

I read The Boys Who Challenged Hitler from my seventh grader's reading list and found the true story appropriate and fascinating. I plan to take my teen boys out for a special time with coffee/cocoa and discussion when they finish it!

Join my Readers Club for deals, discounts, book & project updates!

On a personal note and in relation to my swim books , the trees are bare and I'm wearing a warm wooly headband today, but I'm not ready to let my little ones forget all their swimming over these chilly months! Luckily, I found a local aquatics club that is only $3 per visit and age two and under are free! What a great local resource! Maybe there's one near you!

You will have more success in the spring and summer if you can keep up your little ones' swim skills throughout the cold months by visiting a pool a few times. The more practice the better, but even just a little as a reminder will keep your child current with their skills and closer to advancing and becoming stronger swimmers. This is such a fun excursion and a pool visit or punch card for a few visits make a great gift!

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