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For a fun, interactive, community contest, just comment on this post with what inspires you most in your life! The winner will be someone who comments this week and will announced in the next newsletter - so be sure to click the subscribe button below to join my Readers' Club!

Sometimes as a stay at home mom, author, artist and substitute teacher, I need a little break-away random inspiration.

      My children inspire me daily and interacting with them as they learn and play in the pool became the inspiration for my swim books! Questions from other parents on how I'd taught them to swim led to these first instructional books, even though I usually focus on writing Middle Grade Fiction.

God's creations around me and exploring typically inspire my writing. Even reflecting on seemingly insignificant things can be enlightening. SCUBA diving, clouds, sunsets, people watching, gardening and hiking all juice my creative thought flow. I also become energized when I read books, listen to a variety of podcasts and attend craft shows.  

As a busy mother of almost 6 children, it is rare to find a few moments of quiet time, but when I do, listening back to my gathered thoughts is pure and almost meditative. Alone time inspires my creativity and productivity!

      WHAT IS THE PRIZE? I can’t wait to hear what inspires you!  For the most inspiring post- I am notorious for my packing lists and this time the winner will receive a free beach packing checklist for spring break or summer! 

I'll see you next month! Stay tuned for the gender reveal for Baby 6!

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