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Does my baby HATE the water?

Updated: May 1, 2022

My first four children were practically little fish, loving everything and anything to do with the water. Now I have a baby who seems to hate the water! Specifically, at bath time, she hates water being poured over her head or having any drops get into her eyes. Of course, we always wash hair and I make sure to help her by protecting her eyes with my hands and making this a quick event. I've found it helps if I tell her I am about to pour the water. Next, I gently wipe her eyelashes downward with my fingers to squeeze the water from them, and then we're done. She's about a year and a half, so by the summer, I hope she will be more content with water over her face. She does love playing in the water, be it bath, sink, or water table, so I have high hopes that this phase will pass!

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